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Public Works

Flashing Yellow Arrow Deployment

For Traffic questions call 303-663-6237

Email Traffic Division
Graphic for traffic signals with different colored arrows and explanations of what a steady red arrow; steady yellow arrow, flashing yellow arrow and a steady green arrow mean

The graphic above explains how to treat an FYA when encountered at an intersection. Please keep an eye out as they are deployed to a Douglas County intersection near you!

The intent of the FYA display is to visually stimulate drivers to take extra caution when completing a permissive left turn across approaching traffic. In addition to emphasizing caution, the FYA also provides operational benefits over traditional permissive left-turn displays. One of these benefits includes the ability to address timeframes where higher than expected approach turn (left-turn vs approaching vehicle) accidents occur. The FYA enables “protected by time of day” (red arrow) left-turn operations to address temporal accident patterns while also providing the ability to provide permissive left-turn operations during low volume (early morning and/or late night) time periods. During protected-by-time-of-day operations (red arrow), the flashing yellow arrow display is turned off.

Traffic Engineering staff conducted a review of all signalized intersections in unincorporated Douglas County to ascertain the viability of implementing FYA. Not every intersection is a good FYA candidate for a variety of reasons, like safety and cost.

Intersections where Flashing Yellow Arrows have been deployed:

  • Titan Rd & Moore Rd (westbound approach)
  • Rampart Rd & Waterton Rd (all approaches)
  • University Blvd & Crosspointe Dr (all approaches)
  • Wildcat Reserve Pkwy & Spotted Owl/Hyacinth (all approaches)
  • County Line Rd & South Suburban (westbound approach)
  • Wildcat Reserve Pkwy and Grace Blvd/Cresthill Lane (northbound approach)
  • Lucent Blvd & Town Center (northbound, southbound, and westbound approach)
  • McArthur Ranch Rd & Valleybrook/Wagon Box Cir (east/westbound approaches)
  • County Line Rd & Shoppes (7100 East) (east/westbound approaches)
  • Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Wildcat Reserve Pkwy (east/westbound approaches)
  • Broadway St & Wildcat Reserve Parkway (east/westbound approaches)
  • Chambers Road & Cosmopolitan Circle – northbound left turn
  • Lucent Blvd & Shea Center/park Central – all approach left turns
  • Quebec Road-Monarch & McArthur Ranch Road (northbound and southbound left turns)
  • Titan Road & Roxborough Rd (all approach left turns)
  • Lincoln Avenue & 3rd Street (northbound and southbound left turns)

Staff will monitor the performance of these intersections and will continue to identify other possible locations where the FYA could be a benefit to safety and operations.