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Noxious Weed Education

Undesirable Plant Management Plan

Douglas County adopted the Undesirable Plant Management Plan following the requirements of Colorado state law, Colorado Noxious Weed Act, §35-5.5-101-119, C.R.S. A major component of the Plan is the requirement to provide Douglas County Property Owners with technical assistance in determining methods to control or eliminate their weed problems. Staff continues to ensure County-owned properties are under treatment for weeds, as well as working with other public entities to assist them in their weed control problems. The Plan also contains a complete listing of identified noxious weeds.

Undesirable Plant Management Plan

Noxious Weeds in Natural Areas and Agricultural Lands

Noxious Weeds and Our Natural Areas

Noxious weeds are moving into our valued ecosystems and displacing our native plants at an alarming rate. When the plants that wildlife uses for food, shelter, or nesting are gone, the wildlife leaves the area.

Noxious Weeds and Our Agricultural Lands

Noxious weeds also impact our valuable agricultural lands and commodities. When resources are not available for their desired use, it takes more land to raise the same number of cattle or bushels of wheat.

Because of these factors, they have been declared by the state, local, and federal governments to be undesirable, and their control, containment, and eradication are required by law.

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Weed Management Techniques

Douglas County utilizes integrated weed management techniques to combat noxious weeds on County Roads and Open Space.

These techniques include:

  • Biological control
  • Hand pulling
  • Revegetation to include the use of competing for grass seed mixes and herbicides

This program places a strong emphasis on education. As part of our ongoing effort, the County provides informational flyers detailing biology and control measures for many of the noxious weeds on the undesirable plant management plan.

Noxious Weed Management County Roads and Open Space