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Public Works

Broadway and Highlands Ranch Parkway Intersection Improvements


Project Manager

Katherine Haire, PTP
[email protected]



  • CDOT (Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant funding)

Project Update

Updated March 22, 2023Project Schedule has changed – please see the “Schedule Section” below for updates.

Final Design Plans are underway for extensive improvements at the intersection of Broadway and Highlands Ranch Parkway, to improve the overall safety of the intersection through the addition of a second southbound left-turn lane on Broadway accessing eastbound Highlands Ranch Parkway, and widening Highlands Ranch Parkway through the Broadway intersection to include three (3) eastbound through lanes. In addition, the existing traffic signal will be redesigned to accommodate the wider intersection.


When the design is completed, the initial phase of construction for the Broadway improvements will begin in 2024, utilizing the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant funding approved by CDOT in the amount of $1.125 Million. The County will complete the Highlands Ranch Parkway portion of intersection improvements in subsequent phase(s) in 2025.

An interim solution has already been implemented to help improve the Broadway/Highlands Ranch Parkway capacity, reduce delay and improve overall safety for the motoring public, as follows:

  • Traffic signal heads were swapped out for northbound, southbound, and westbound directions, to upgraded ‘three-section left-on green arrow only’ signal heads. These upgrades will help to address left turn accident patterns at this very busy intersection.
  • Traffic signal timing was also adjusted to accommodate prevailing traffic volumes.
  • Existing gore pavement markings were removed to open a new second left turn lane pocket for westbound Highlands Ranch Parkway to southbound Broadway.
  • Signs and pavement markings were upgraded to advise drivers of improvements including the R3-8 Double Left Turn sign installed on the mast arm and two left-turn arrows on the roadway.
  • Additionally, channelizer lines and double yellow lines were refreshed with paint to complete this transformation.


Estimated Timeline for Design and Construction:

  • Final Design:  2023
  • Broadway Construction:  2024
  • Highlands Ranch Parkway Construction:  2025

Project Photos