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Home Occupations

Click here to view the Home Occupations Information Packet.

On August 23, 2022, the Board of Douglas County Commissioners adopted amendments to the County’s regulations pertaining to Class 2 Home Occupation permits.

These permits allow homeowners on parcels 4.5 acres or more in size in the Rural Residential, Large Rural Residential, and Agricultural One zone districts to conduct limited commercial activities in unincorporated Douglas County.  While Class 2 Home Occupations have long been allowed in these districts, the amendments enable a resident to work “from” home rather than only “at” home. Allowing a resident to utilize their property to a greater extent than previously allowed.  The amended regulations now also include a requirement for a Class 2 Home Occupation permit applicant to notify adjacent landowners and affected homeowners’ associations of a pending permit request.

Class 2 Home Occupations may be conducted within a dwelling (provided that the total area for such use does not exceed 50 percent of its floor area); one permitted accessory structure; or both.  Accessory structures used for a Class 2 Home Occupation are expected to be compatible in design and scale with the neighborhood.  An applicant must demonstrate compliance with these and all other requirements before a permit can be issued.  A permit does not exempt the property owner from complying with a homeowners’ association’s covenants, architectural standards, or other requirements.  County staff also conducts annual inspections of all Class 2 Home Occupations to verify continued compliance with all applicable requirements and the terms of the permit.

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