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Parks, Trails & Building Grounds

Bayou Gulch Regional Park

Bayou Gulch Regional Park

Bayou Gulch Regional Park sits on 205 acres and is located adjacent to passive recreation space, including a mountain bike challenge course, and intersects with the Two Bridges open space property.

Bayou Gulch Passive Area

Test your bike skills on the mountain bike skills challenge course.

Park location:

4815 Fox Sparrow Rd.
Parker, CO 80134

Passive Area with bike challenge course:

4728 Fox Sparrow Rd. (east side of Fox Sparrow)
Parker, CO 80134


Open one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset

Park Amenities

  • Parking lot (207 capacity)
  • 2 Picnic shelters (A-32 and B-48 capacity) – Group picnic shelters can be reserved throughout the year with a minimum of two weeks advanced notice.
  • Playground
  • 3 Restrooms (portable)
  • Multi-use hard surface basketball court with 3 hoops
  • Synthetic multi-use field 240’ x 120’ (baseball, softball, football, soccer)
  • Synthetic multi-use field 380’ x 245’ (football, soccer, lacrosse)
  • Trail system – 1.48 mile
  • Bayou Gulch trail map

Passive Area Amenities

This area also intersects with Two Bridges Open Space.

  • Parking lot (33 capacity + 2 handicapped spaces and 1 equestrian space)
  • Picnic shelter (32 capacity) – Group picnic shelters can be reserved throughout the year with a minimum of two weeks advanced notice.
  • Restroom (portable)
  • Mountain bike skills area
  • 2-acre dog off-leash area
  • Trail system – 4.68 miles of soft-surface trail
  • Electricity available