Sharptail Ridge Open Space will be closed to the public during hunting season on  Oct. 28 – Nov. 27, 2022.



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Glendale Dog Park Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the County decide to renovate the Glendale Farm Dog Park?

Glendale Farm Dog Park is one of Douglas County’s most popular parks. In fact, it sees more than 330,000 annual visitors. The well-loved park was suffering from degradation, loss of vegetation, and lack of accessibility. It was imperative to address these issues in addition to meeting environmental standards for water quality and erosion prevention. The work was split into two phases to balance the need for public access with renovation.

Can I get to the Glendale Farm Trail during construction?

To keep everyone safe during construction, Glendale Farm Trail is closed during Phase 2 of of renovations, while the parking lot and retention pond are under construction. With safety as the No. 1 priority, some limited access to the trail may be allowed later in the project.

What are you going to do about the balls rolling into the interior fenced-in areas?

An additional layer of fencing with a tighter mesh will be added to the lower third of the existing fence to prevent balls from rolling in.

My dog loves to play fetch, but during construction, we’ve lost the open areas to throw balls. What’s the safest way to play fetch during construction?

In the current open section, the best place to throw a ball is by the agility course, in the     north/south direction. When Phase 2 of the renovation is complete more open areas will return.

Do I have to stay on the concrete path when using the dog park?

No, you and your dog may use any of the open areas within the dog park. The concrete path was added to improve accessibility for citizens that need firmer surfaces and to improve visitor experience during muddy or snowy conditions.

Are the smaller fenced-in areas for a specific purpose, like small dogs or agility?

The smaller fenced-in areas are called vegetation islands. Their primary purpose is to filter run off water and improve water quality. Additionally, they stabilize soil and prevent erosion.

Answers to your questions about the Glendale Farm Dog park construction.