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Motor Vehicle and Driver License

Vehicle Emissions Information

Vehicles on busy highwayEmissions Test

An emissions test may be required before renewing your license plates. Your vehicle renewal statement will indicate whether or not an emissions test is required. There are rare circumstances when an emissions test expires before renewal cards are printed and renewal cards may display erroneous emissions testing information.

Air Car Colorado has rapid screen emission testing (roadside emissions). The fee of $25.00 for the rapid screen testing will be added to your registration fees at time of renewal. There will be a message on the renewal card if your vehicle passed a roadside emissions test.


Please allow 24-72 hours for emissions information to be uploaded into the state motor vehicle system before renewing a vehicle registration or registering a new vehicle purchase.

Do Diesel-Powered Vehicles Require Inspections?

Yes, but Air Care Colorado stations DO NOT inspect diesel-powered vehicles. Diesel vehicles are inspected at independent diesel emissions testing facilities. Click here to find a list of independent diesel stations.

The following rules apply to diesel-powered vehicles:

Emissions requirements differ from county to county in Colorado. Please call the Motor Vehicle Office at 303-660-7440 for more information.