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Homeless Initiative

Built for Zero

Built for Zero a movement to measurably and equitably end homelessnessMetro Denver Homeless Initiative Built for Zero Pledge

By signing this pledge, you are committing to building and sustaining a new future where homelessness is rare and brief — a moral and public health imperative that is necessary for an equitable future.

Your community is part of MDHI’s Built for Zero region. As a community leader, you play a critical role in ensuring your local efforts are part of regional coordination. Built for Zero communities take strides toward that future by reaching functional zero for one population at a time — starting with veterans — until they’ve reached this milestone for all.

Join your fellow officials in pledging to move this work forward as a region. By pledging, you are saying:

  1. Homelessness is an issue we should address as a community and together, and we see work that makes sense to coordinate and achieve as a region as homelessness does not end at a city or county border.
  2. The coordination with the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative on Built for Zero is how my community can help coordinate its local planning on homelessness regionally to generate reductions in homelessness.
  3. I commit to helping pave the way for this work to continue at the local level. This may look like encouraging my community to utilize the Homeless Management Information System which will help us all get to real-time data, participate in (or appoint a designee) local briefing groups, or help remove barriers to the work.