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Where to Watch Holiday Fireworks on Dec. 18

The County’s three synchronized displays near Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Parker are designed for watching remotely and will be livestreamed as a viewing option.

Posted on December 16, 2021 2021


Viewing locations for Holiday Fireworks – click here.

2021 Fireworks
You, your family, and friends are invited to witness the beauty and magnificence of three simultaneous, 30-minute firework shows flying high in the sky on Dec. 18 starting at 7 p.m. from locations specifically chosen for wide visibility in Douglas County.

Whether watching the shows from your residence or business; from your vehicle nearby the launch site; or via the livestream of the show on your mobile device, the Board of Douglas County Commissioners emphasizes that the displays were designed, and locations determined, while working closely with law enforcement agencies in the County, as well as fire protection agencies. Agencies conduct site inspections before the shows; are on-hand to monitor conditions during the shows; and will conduct site inspections after the shows.

“Fireworks are a great American tradition that represent the celebration of community,” said Commissioner Lora Thomas. “With these fireworks come our message of thanks and recognition to you for continuing to make Douglas County one of the best places to live in America. Especially during the holiday season our wish for you is that you find reason to celebrate and be thankful for all the blessings in your lives.”

“Our December fireworks celebration began in 2020 as a way of lifting spirits after challenging times,” said Commissioner Abe Laydon. “Now the fireworks are an annual reminder of faith, family, and freedom, symbolic of shared Christmas and holiday traditions, coupled with the hopefulness of a new year to come. The fireworks are presented by the County as a gift to our citizens in this incredibly special county we call home,” Laydon said.

“As I wrap up my first year as a County Commissioner, I am pleased to be part of what has now become a Douglas County tradition,” said County Commissioner George Teal. “The energy created by the sights and sounds of fireworks remind me of the energy that comes with the privilege of serving Douglas County in this role and how much I look forward to 2022.”


Douglas County recognizes that some individuals as well as pets within our communities may experience discomfort when they are surprised by the sounds of fireworks explosions. The County is therefore working with our Sheriff’s Office, other local law enforcement, our large special districts, and municipalities to ensure widespread public awareness. Beginning 17 days before the events, information is being shared via – digital advertising, video, social media, to newsletter and email subscribers, as well as traditional print advertising.

In the interest of public safety, Douglas County law enforcement – including the Sheriff’s Office and surrounding municipal police – ask that you plan ahead and honor road closures as well as the ‘no parking’ signage in the vicinity of the launch sites. Expect temporary changes to traffic patterns and no-parking zones near launch sites. If you are unable to view from your home, please be prepared to honor all signage and direction from on-site law enforcement when choosing a viewing location and ensure you are not blocking driveways or other public access.

All shows are weather and fire-restrictions dependent.

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