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Election Judge Information

The Douglas County Elections Division welcomes interested citizens to serve as temporary election workers. This is a unique opportunity to get involved in your local government and play a role in the democratic process. Please read through the information below and complete the online Election Judge Interest Survey. Questions? Please email: [email protected]

Election Judge Duties

  • Assist & direct voters, verify voter identification, register voters, update voter information in the electronic database, and issue ballots at Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPC)
  • Monitor drop-off ballot boxes
  • Visit Healthcare Facilities to deliver ballots and assist voters
  • Transport ballot boxes and supplies
  • Process mail ballots
  • Count ballots
  • Work in the Elections Office performing data entry and answering phones
  • Douglas County pays Election Judges for work and for training

Election Judge Requirements

Colorado Revised Statutes §1-6-101(2) establishes qualifications for Election Judges. To be an Election Judge, you must be:

  1. A United States citizen
  2. A registered elector who resides in the political subdivision unless otherwise excepted
  3. Mentally and physically able to perform and complete the assigned tasks
  4. Free of any conviction for election fraud, fraud, or any other election offenses
  5. Not related to any candidate on the ballot
  6. Willing to attend all required training classes

Some of the following abilities and tasks may be required:

  • Lift up to 25 pounds
  • Perform tasks in a busy and stressful environment
  • Work a long day on Election Day with few breaks (approximately 14 hours)
  • Understand and read English
  • Sit and/or stand for long periods of time
  • Follow very specific directions and abide by legal requirements completely
  • Have basic knowledge of computers and be able to learn to use the Statewide voter registration system (includes accurately searching, inputting, and retrieving data)

Computer Skill Levels (skill level needed will be indicated next to job positions listed on Election Judge Interest Survey)

  1. Minimal
  2. Basic – email, internet searches, etc.
  3. Experienced – email, internet searches, data entry, work experience with computers, etc.

Completing the Election Judge Interest Survey does not ensure an appointment as an Election Judge. If appointed, you will receive additional information and an official Certificate of Appointment at a later date. Serving as an election judge is a temporary position with Douglas County that is limited to the duration of each election cycle.

Thank you!

Election Judge Interest Survey

Student Election Judge Program

In Colorado, Juniors and Seniors in high school (ages 16 & 17) are able to work at polling places on Election Day as Student Election Judges. This experience exposes students to grassroots democracy in our community. Serving as a Student Election Judge motivates students to become active voters and to serve as regular election judges when they are adults.


Student Election Judges must be:

State statute makes the following provisions:

If you are interested in serving as a Student Election Judge on Election Day, please email [email protected] to apply.