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Section 8 Program

The Englewood Housing Authority no longer administers Section 8 vouchers for Douglas County.  Residents should contact the State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Section 8 personnel, at 303-864-7852 for information about the waitlist or the application process.  If a family already has a voucher and they want to move to Douglas County, please call 303-864-7829.

Douglas County Housing Partnership

The Douglas County Housing Partnership (DCHP), a multi-jurisdictional housing authority, was formed as a cooperative effort between businesses, and local and county governments to address the lack of affordable housing for people who work in the area.

The DCHP operates with financial support from the City of Lone Tree, the Towns of Castle Rock and Parker, and Douglas County as a political subdivision and public corporation of the State of Colorado.

Home Ownership Program

The DCHP’s Down Payment Assistance Program is a homeownership program that provides low- and moderate-income individuals and families the opportunity to purchase their first home in Douglas County.  The DCHP allows individuals to borrow at a low-interest rate, which increases their ability to make a purchase and helps bridge the gap between low wages and high housing costs.  The DCHP serves approximately 515 clients annually.  About 12 Douglas County households will benefit from CDBG funds.

Borrowers who meet the qualifications receive $15,000 toward the purchase price of the home for down payment assistance.  This assistance is in the form of a traditional second mortgage where participants select a 30-year loan amortization with current interest rates at 3 percent.  This creates a low monthly payment allowing income-qualified families to achieve the minimum requirement of a down payment on their first home while making it affordable to them.

Through this program, the DCHP will also offer first-time homebuyer education classes to County residents on a monthly basis. The classes will use a curriculum established by the CHFA and the Fannie Mae Foundation and focus on providing awareness of the process of purchasing and maintaining a home.

Contact: Artie Lehl

In danger of foreclosure?

The Colorado Foreclosure Hotline is a free service to Colorado homeowners who have questions about their home loans.  If you have missed a mortgage payment, if you are in foreclosure, or if you think you may miss a payment, we encourage you to contact a housing counselor through the Foreclosure Hotline.

Foreclosure counseling is available through the DCHP, listed above.

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA)

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) provides funds to finance the places where people live and work throughout Colorado. CHFA has been making dreams come true for more than 30 years.

Colorado Housing Search is jointly sponsored by the CHFA and the Colorado Division of Housing (CoDOH) as a public service to residents of Colorado. The site was developed through a collaboration of multiple agencies with a common stake in developing, financing, and preserving affordable housing throughout Colorado.

Goals are to:

  • Help Coloradans find and maintain quality, safe and decent places to live
  • Provide a clearinghouse for affordable housing and related services
  • Facilitate operating efficiencies in the affordable housing market

Related Information

  • HERO Alliance – 720- 941-8901
    The HERO Alliance’s mission is to promote home ownership education and resources for people with disabilities in Colorado.
  • Lead-Based Paint
    Many homes built before 1978 have lead paint that could cause lead hazards. A lead-based inspection and/or risk assessment is recommended for your protection. For more information, contact the National Lead Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-424-LEAD.
  • National Lead Information Clearinghouse
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    HUD’s mission is to increase home ownership, support community development, and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination.