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Community Services

Philip S. Miller (PSM) Grant

Douglas County nonprofit organizations to benefit from County’s grant-making partnership with Community Foundation

Through a Memorandum of Understanding adopted at the County’s Aug. 23 Business Meeting, Douglas County transferred administration of its Philip S. Miller Grant Program to Douglas County Community Foundation (DCCF), in a pilot program beginning in 2022 and continuing through 2025.

While the Foundation will act as administrator of the program, the County Commissioners will continue their accountability for the funds via evaluation of funding recommendations and final decision-making on funds distribution.  Read More…


Douglas County has multiple opportunities to apply for grant funding. Grant funds are limited and it is recommended that you review the criteria of each grant and apply to the grant that best fits your organization or project.

2021 Philip S. Miller Grant recipients

2021 Philip S. Miller Grant recipients

Here are some of the grant parameters associated with the PSM grant:

2022 PSM Grant Funds

  • The deadline to submit applications for 2022 PSM grant funds was on Friday, March 18, 2022.
  • If you are have questions regarding the PSM grant, please email [email protected]

2023 PSM Grant Funds

Information regarding the 2023 PSM grant application process will be forthcoming.  Stay tuned for details.

Application Submittal

The following materials must be submitted no later than the deadline date and time referenced above:

  • Complete application form
  • Attachment A: Identify the governing body for your organization and list its members
  • Attachment B: IRS Tax Status Letter
  • Attachment C: W-9
  • Attachment D: Financial data for the previous calendar year or fiscal year, including:
    • 1) Organizational Budget (Revenues and Expenses)
    • 2) Budget vs. Actual
    • 3) Balance Sheet
  • Attachment E: Financial data for the current calendar or fiscal year, including:
    • 1) Organizational Budget (Revenues and Expenses)
    • 2) Budget vs. Actual
  • Attachment F: 2022 Program-Budget for this Proposal

2021 Grant Awards

In 2021, the Board of County Commissioners approved funding for 23 PSM grant recipients.

About the PSM Trust

Photo of Philip S. MillerThe PSM Grant Program is the legacy of Douglas County businessman and philanthropist Philip Simon Miller and his wife, Jessie. In 1980, the Millers, having no children, established The Philip S. Miller Charitable Trust and named nine beneficiaries to receive an annual cash distribution from income generated by the trust upon their deaths. Trust distributions are to be used “exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes.”

As one of the beneficiaries of the Philip S. Miller Charitable Trust, Douglas County has established the Philip S. Miller Grant Program to administer the funds received from the Trust. This program supports a broad array of services designed to enhance the quality of life of Douglas County residents. Income from the Trust varies from year to year.