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Building Division

Wildfire Mitigation

Many homes in Douglas County have significant wildfire hazards for the same reasons they are appealing: lots of vegetation and private settings in relatively remote areas. Even the planned communities have larger lots with significant amounts of undisturbed natural vegetation left near the home site.

These attributes, while making the homes more desirable, also present risk factors that must be taken into account. The most typical tree species in Douglas County is the ponderosa pine. The most common brush-type species is the Gambel, or scrub, oak. These two species are often found living together in mixed stands that can cover many acres of continuous fuels. They also can occur as islands, or clumps, with prairie grass between the oak and pine.

Building Your Home

Each construction project permitted through the Building Division within the Wildfire Hazard Overlay District (Wildfire Hazard District Overlay Map) is subject to the adopted Wildfire Mitigation Standards.

Wildfire Mitigation Permitting Process

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Leaders from the wildfire suppression, mitigation, and forest management professions within Douglas County developed a county-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), in 2011.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Forest Pests

Douglas County is home to several forest community types where forest pests (insects and diseases) may be found.

Forest Pests

Gambel Oak Mitigation

Even if the primary vegetation around your home is Gambel Oak, your community can still face a substantial wildfire threat.

Gambel Oak Mitigation

Natural Resources and Forest Management

Forest management and vegetation treatments are designed to increase forest health and reduce fuel loading to prevent infestation and/or loss of our county-owned forests from these disturbance agents.

Natural Resources and Forest Management

Wildfire Mitigation Educational Videos

Informational and educational videos to help you reduce wildfire hazards on your property.

Educational Videos