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Board of County Commissioners

Treasurer David Gill

Douglas County Treasurer David Gill

Dave Gill was appointed by the County Commissioners to fill a vacancy as County Treasurer in July was elected to his first full term in November 2018.   As a result of a change in Colorado law in 2019, Mr. Gill’s 

duties were expanded to also serve as the Douglas County Public Trustee.

As Treasurer, Dave manages the statutory office that is the County’s Banker, collects property taxes and distributes them to over two hundred government entities in our County, and invests the balance.  By statute, the investments are first and foremost safe; secondarily, liquid so as to meet County needs and expenses; and third, yield.

As Public Trustee, Dave manages a statutory office that’s origin traces back to 1873 and is unique to Colorado.  The Public Trustee is charged with overseeing foreclosures to assure an impartial system that protects all parties’ rights and protects borrowers from abuse of process by lenders.  The other major function of this Office is to release a Deed of Trust when a mortgage loan is paid off.

Dave Gill’s service to our County includes two terms on the County Planning Commission, where he was a past chairman; served as a member of the Douglas County Mineral Extraction Task Force; and has represented Douglas County on a DRCOG long range planning committee.  He has lived in Douglas County for 36 years, has seen our County grow from a small County to one of Colorado’s major counties, and has been active in helping to shape it into the great place to live that it is today.

Dave has background as an Auditor for both a major savings bank and a contract Auditor at the Resolution Trust Corporation, as a Loan Officer, and as a small business owner. He holds a BA in Psychology from Long Island University.